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We produce new ideas.

We support entrepreneurship.
We respond to the demands of the future.

Properly organized education is the source of knowledge and innovation.
We strive to provide education which contributes to the personal development of our students, enhancing their confidence and cooperation skills; develop their entrepreneurial spirit and finally turns in the same enterprise. Entrepreneurship is a factor for progress, social and economic. But needs support.

As it also needs and new ideas and new knowledge.
Properly organized education is our, stable pursuit.
It is based on our big experience, in new modern facilities, in a new model of education, to guide us in modern disciplines in dynamic collaborations with companies locally and abroad. We, the people of "AEGEAS EDUCATION" adopt innovation in order to improve our effectiveness and to meet the future requirements of generating new ideas and new knowledge.

We make your dreams come true...

"An educational unit organizational flexible, extroverted, and recognized nationally for its work and the work ethos, with much successful international collaboration, with experience in the management and implementation of vocational training ..."
This was when we started, our dream.
This is now the "AEGEAS EDUCATION".
A reliable power in vocational education. With a successful history and ambitious plans for the future.
For each worker, unemployed, entrepreneur or executive, training is a tool of knowledge acquisition and skills. The "AEGEAS EDUCATION" has the knowledge, experience, organization, appropriate business partnerships, the opportunity finally to ensure the training that will help each student to make his/her dream come true


We innovate

Globalisation, mobility of working people, new specialties that are formed by the introduction of technology are changing the workplace landscape.
We, in "AEGEAS EDUCATION" we do not want to be spectators of developments in modern reality.
We change. We become innovators. We apply new ideas in education and in our organization.
Facing developments with new insights and initiatives.

  • We innovate with our new facilities that allow us to materialize in comfort all specialties and ensure optimal learning conditions
  • We innovate by choosing specialties that meet new social needs. We adapt to changes in the working environment. We Gear to the demands of the future.
  • We innovate, by changing the learning model in order to support collaboration, enhance trust and confidence, encourage entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship.


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