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New VOUNCHER programs for unemployed are expected during 2014 from Ministry of Labour


The program which is expected for the year 2014 from Ministry of Labour "Cheque VOUCHER entry into the labor market for unemployed from 18 to 66 years" , will ensure all of these conditions for the integration of young people into the labor market.

Through targeted training activities, and personalized guidance for right choice enterprise for the internships, young people acquire modern knowledge and skills and will have the opportunity to directly use during their internship.

The program is an ideal opportunity of entry and staying into the labor market for unemployed from all ages. For us it is important that every unemployed person will receive proper training and appropriate professional qualifications through the enterprise that will do his internship, which will not be random but will be a targeted strategy choice according to personal abilities every unemployed separately.

Analytically, the program "Cheque VOUCHER entry into the labor market for unemployed from 18 to 66 years" includes the following actions:

  • Training of 80 hours duration in modern educational items that ask and really need the companies.
  • Professional guidance with experienced consultants specialized in professional development to make the right choice of business. The choice of the operator will be with you and with the operator in order for you beyond the internship to prove that you can be needed by the firm. The '' after '' the internships is what interests us.
  • Internship / Work experience of 500 hours duration, namely 4 almost months, in the company chosen by you. Business will come from all the sectoral range of private sector and focus on the most dynamic sectors that will have future.
  • Promote to work with outlook conversion of 5-month traineeship in a contract in the same business.

So we invite you to prepare yourself by following these steps:

  • Fill in the FORM OF INTEREST for the new VOUCHER programs. Directly you will keep up with new calls and new programs or
  • Visit the offices of AEGEAS TRAINING INSTITUTE where we will inform you about the new VOUCHER programs and education services and will help you choose the right one for you object training according to your professional profile, while the type of business that suits you.

Learn about the specialties of Aegeas Training Institute

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Form of Interest "VOUNCHER for unemployed"
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