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Economics and Management in Tourism

Description of specification


More specifically, the Diploma you will gain after the successful graduation of AEGEAS EDUCATION:

  • is recognized both in Greece, and the European Union as a diploma occupational specialty and training level 4
  • State and is administered by the Ministry of Education after your participation in the certification exam, involving all graduates equally IVT the country, public and private
  • is recognized as a qualification competitions ASEP executed for appointment to the Public
  • the Certificates of Vocational Training AEGEAS EDUCATION are absolutely equivalent of Public IVT

Registration fee

  • Registration fee graduates have non-standard compulsory secondary education graduates or higher than this step or TEC.
  • Students of IEK AEGEAS EDUCATIONAL graduates and other structures education - training may be classified in related disciplines exempted from courses that have been taught, after approval by the General Secretariat for Lifelong Learning

Structure and duration of study

  • The course lasts two years or else four (4) semesters of theoretical and laboratory training corresponding to 1200 hours of instruction and practice 960 working hours
  • If someone has completed 120 wages in this specialty entirely relieved (if desired) from the requirement of internship
  • Also, students of AEGEAS EDCUATION who have completed at least 40 salaries in this specialty, count on years of practice

The theoretical and laboratory classes are held from Monday to Friday and 20 hours per week.
The classes are held all in Greek language

Where can I work

  • Travel Agencies
  • Travel Agencies
  • Ticket offices
  • Hotel Units
  • Tourism service businesses (Car, Boat, Plane)
  • Airline Companies
  • Shipping Companies

Classes I will follow

  1. Tour & Travel Agency Operation
  2. Principles of Tourism & Tourism Policy of the European Union
  3. World Tourism Geography - Travel Guides
  4. International Relations Transport
  5. Airfares - Ticketing - Reservation Systems
  6. History of Greek Culture
  7. Customer Segments Travel Services & Alternative Tourism
  8. Environmental Policy and Protection in Tourism Sector
  9. Commercial law
  10. Tourism Marketing - Sales Skills
  11. Contact Tourism Legislation
  12. Basic Principles of Accounting
  13. Air Travel - Airline - Airport-Services
  14. Add Incoming - Outgoing - package (Package) - Business Tourism - Travel Formalities
  15. Systems Operation Office (Front - Back Office)
  16. English - English Tourist Terminology
  17. German
  18. French
  19. Thesis

These courses include theoretical, laboratory and practical part in actual working conditions in the partner companies in the sector of tourism, Travel agencies, Airlines, Shipping, Hospitality units in the private sector.

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